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Sunday, 11 December 2011

I'm sorry Zuck, but it sure does Suck

Statutory Warning: NOT reading my blog can be injurious to your health and will lead to a rather slow, painful death at the hands of Aamir Khan.
Not only will he kill you, he'll keep you waiting, in suspense, for two years, while he plans exactly how he'll kill you. And then probably finish you off on Christmas eve.

So I got an Application request on Facebook last night. Here's what it looked like.

I think this app wants to marry me!

Okay, so maybe that last part was just in my head. But seriously, everytime I see one of these, i can't help thinking to myself- Not another one of those god awful application requests that, even though may claim to be nothing more than an App to send virtual Teddy Bears to your friends, may have just as much chances of spamming your entire friend list with semi-porn!

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Damn, I swear it sounded way cooler in my head.
Anyways, till a couple of years ago, Facebook used to be such a joy to scroll through, making it so much easier for me to stalk..err.. connect with all my friends on Facebook.

But now?
It looks like my study table, filled with crap that doesn't belong there, while everything that should be on it, lies at the very edges, threatening to fall right off at any moment.

I mean every single time I log onto Facebook now, why do I have to be visually assaulted with hundred tidbits of information that don't give two hoots about, while the tiny shred of a detail that I actually care about gets lost in the crowd, somewhat like that really hot Russian chick in that Akshay Kumar song?

What I don't understand is, what are they trying, really?
Facebook now looks like a rather pathetic, ugly and useless networking site where meaningless viral spam is as common as genuine status updates.
Orkut, I'd say, if I was asked to sum that up.

All I'd end with, I guess, is a few words from one genius who turned into a person who now regularly fills shits onto other people's web pages, to another- At least people come to my site, Zuckerburg!

Oh wait. Damn.

Ps. While you're at it, umm.. mind sharing this on Facebook?

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