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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Opening Up

Here's a warning right upfront, this post isn't intended to be funny, inspirational or amazingly creative, it's exactly what the title suggests, Opening Up.

I take an instant dislike for people who lie, cheat or steal.
I know that makes me somewhat of a hypocrite, considering how I've indulged quite a bit in the first, but it doesn't stop me from judging people who do the same.
I am extremely loyal, unless I feel I'm being cheated on, at which point I become immediately disinterested.
I am an expert at completely severing all ties and relations with a person anytime I feel the need to do so, effectively cutting a person out of my life at a moment's notice.
I rarely take interest in anything new but I'm an impulsive addict when I do, which means if there's something or someone I really like, I'll probably ignore the rest of the world for it/that person.

I really enjoy writing, it helps calm me down.
When I'm sad or lonely or if I ever feel confused or lost, I write poetry.
My poetry is never thought out, its always impulsive, it helps me learn a little more about myself with every line I write.
Intriguingly enough, I've realized I never write a poem the way most people do, I usually end up starting with the last stanza, sometimes just the last line.
Almost anything can, and has inspired me to write a poem, it all depends on the state of my mind.

The one thing, though, that never fails to inspire me, is rain.
The color of the sky, as the clouds loom above, dark and menacing.
The roar of thunder, as the rain proclaims its arrival.
The flashes of lightning, illuminating the sky for the briefest of moments.
The pristine raindrops, falling through the sky, landing softly on the ground, as one by one, they cleanse the world of all the grime.

See how I almost lost myself there, just thinking about rain?
Now imagine what happens to me when it's actually raining.
I also occasionally dabble in the field of humorous blogs, rants and sarcasm being the weapons of my choice.

Another fascination I have, is photography.
I call it a fascination and not a hobby or a skill or a passion because that's exactly what it is, a fascination.
What excites me in the field of photography are the mysteries.
Finding out how something was done, exactly how an effect was achieved, maybe even trying my hand it myself.
But I must admit, I don't have the passion for photography that one must possess to pursue, say a career, in that field.

I cannot go through an entire article about myself without mentioning football.
Football has been my first love ever since I first played it in the third grade.
I'm a staunch FC Barcelona fan for the last three years, not only because they have a good team with really amazing players, but also because they are a team I can truly look up to, for their love of football and their respect for the rules that uphold the game.
To me, Puyol is the most underrated player in the world of football and Lionel Messi is my god.

Speaking of god, I have always been a firm non-believer in god.
I'm not an anti-theist, as some people think all of us non believers are. I do not laugh at people who believe god exists, neither do I ridicule those who practice idol-worship, nor do I mock those who believe in the concept of a savior or salvation.
Its a matter of personal beliefs, and I choose only to believe in myself.

The last thing you need to know about me is alcohol.
Whiskey is what I love the most, but I enjoy beer as well.
Sometimes far too much of it, as my friends (and doctors from hospital emergency rooms will tell you).
The problem with alcohol and me is I never back off from a challenge, whether it involves chugging bottles of beer, glasses of whiskey or shots of rum.
I develop an instant slight dislike for people who smoke.

A liar who hates liars.
A loyalist who gives up on people.
Rarely interested, but easily addicted.
A writer who doesn't know how he writes.
Fascinated but not passionate.
Football lover, cricket hater.
A non-believer who believes in himself.
A drunkard who looks down on smokers.

Just about sums me up.
Welcome to my life.


  1. Hi you :)

    P.S : I like your blog. ^^

    1. Hey :)
      Thanks! :D
      I've been quite lazy about writing here recently :/

  2. Like I said, right before photography came in, it's like i am reading about myself. Then some later parts too. Likes it :)

  3. I look at this blogpost and I can't help thinking, I've lost my sense of humor. -_-