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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bud vs. Kingfisher

Roses are violet,
Violets are red,
All the booze seems to have finally
Gotten to my head.

I opened the newspaper this Monday, only to see a huge headline plastered across the front page: 'Kingfisher Q2 loss widens to Rs468.66 Crore'. Almost immediately, a smile crept onto my face.
Does this mean they're gonna stop brewing that god-awful beer of their's? The one which tastes like someone had a Budweiser, threw up, bottled the puke and then waited a year before selling it?
On further reading, however, I realized it was Kingfisher Airlines that was being discussed, so for now, thousands of innocent people will continue losing their Beer-ginity (personal creation) to King-Pisser (copied from Twitter).

PS. As you guys might have noticed, my posts are getting successively shorter with time. That's cause I've realized its always easier to just shit a little than to try to squeeze out a huge pile of crap from your rear at one go.
There you go, now best of luck trying not to picture that.

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